4K output on AML-S905X-CC, or overscan

I tried to connect my Le Potato to an LG 4K TV. I thought that the specifications of the AML-S905X-CC included 4K output over HDMI. After attempting to connect it to a 4K TV, and then re-reading the specs, I really don't know what I bought. Does it support "VP9 P2 4K60 Hardware Decoding" or "4K UHD with HDR over HDMI 2.0"? Both of those are quoted from the Kickstarter page.

Question 1:
Can anyone help me get 4K output from my device? I believe I'm running the most recent Love R Pi system I can get via "apt-get upgrade". Here is my "uname -a" output:

Linux libre 4.14.7-gaaa79797e37-dirty #4 SMP PREEMPT Tue Dec 26 03:19:50 EST 2017 aarch64 aarch64 aarch64 GNU/Linux

Question 2:
On my 4K TV, the 1080P output of my Le Potato extends beyond the boundary of the screen. Is there any way to turn on underscan/overscan to bring my 1080P output into the bounds of my screen?

I'm fine with 1080P output, as long as I can see it. Thanks,


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