So I got the H5

edited December 2018 in ALL-H3-CC

and I'm just curious, what are you all using this board for? Media Player, Desktop, File Server... Paper weight?
Not saying it's bad or anything, just interested in what projects if any you've fit this into?


  • Trying to get it working as a media box and trying to get audio passthrough working on android. Nada on the passthrough, but ok on the mediabox.
  • Hmmm. Android I haven't tried that yet. I wasn't to impressed with the provided Libre images though. I did make my self an Armbian .IMG running the 4.19.11 Linux kernel. Which is pretty smooth I must say... Pretty impressed.

    Thinking about getting together the Bootlin efforts and seeing how much better I can get the Video playback going. 720P seems to be going pretty smooth by default.

    Anyway, Happy Holidays and lets see what this board can do!

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