Customer Service?

Aside from the email, anyone know if there is a number to call? I've been waiting for an update to an order for a month now. seems non-existent except for the initial order received emails...

Would love for someone @ LoveRPi to reach out in regards to order #1584


  • I have the same issue, I ordered mine as well on Jan 31.
    If I don't get a response soon, being the site stated they would be fulfilling on the 26th of February, I will request my card to cancel my payment.

  • Yeah, because to request a refund... is that same email. I have my 905, got that in 2 days off amazon, but ordered my heatsink/emmc module and havent heard a peep.

  • Well if the staff are listening, this is an issue. If you state that you are going to start delivery or at least fulfillment by a date you place prominently on your website, you need to articulate why if this is not going to happen.

    I run a small business and if I did what you are doing now I would lose large number of customers.

    BTW I had planned to order a number more of the systems I had purchased as a test from Love Our PI. I guess I will just wait until the new ODROID comes out with their product to do those purchases.

    All we expect is a response as to when, or what is going on. No response from a business that is taking payment for a product prior to shipping is very poor service. Leaves many of us wondering if you may just be scamming payments for non-existing products.

    I will give them one more day to respond and if they don't I am going to do a chargeback.

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    For my order #1561 I have went and disputed this with my card company.
    Thanks for playing

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    Just to be sure to let Love Your Pi understands that I have request my card to dispute this order.

    I will not going to be available for any orders shipped to me after Tuesday. I will be out of the area for an extended period of time.
    I am instructing all shipping companies to return any items I have not requested to be held.

    The lack of communications is an issue. I have sent at least 3 emails with no response. Because of lack of communications, I am not willing to do business with a company that does follow simple business practices, such as responding to a client request for changes in previously stated time lines.

    FYI I also had emailed last week stating that I have disputed my charges. Cancel the order when you decide to handle business.


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    I have the same issue, no one answers my contact tries and the site isn't updating my order. I'm afraid... Please, answer me!

  • Well, over a month, I finally got a shipping update and Tracking #. I guess better late than never.

    I've posted here, sent multiple emails into their cs@loverpi address and hit up their facebook publicly. Not sure if that made any difference, or perhaps the backlog of emails since Chinese new year. I do want to give this a shot, so thanks for getting the order out, but would really love some work on the communication.

  • Please, cancel my order #1677. It's not update yet, so I want to cancel it and refund my credit card.

  • Shipping take time, no reply quickly to the email but there is a support.
    Probably only one person manage that be patient...

    I wait a moment too before shipping but it's come one day or another ;)

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