April 4 Build Available

Looks like there is a new Ubuntu build available Here

Not sure if it's because I FUBARed up my March 15 build, but I'm idling about 200mA lower than I was before. Now at 418mA with a 3TB drive spun down. I got sustained SMB reads in the 94MB/s range (60MB/s avg).

Nice work guys!


  • I've noticed with this build, as with the prior that shutdown -h 0 doesn't work. Is this expected? It seems that shutdown -r 0 is reliable.

  • the lower USB2 port is working from the start for me with this build

  • Wifi is working at least better than before. Anyone else try to run wifi standalone from bootup? I can get wifi to connect fine, but only when/after ethernet is plugged in. I get a driver rejection error in wpa_supplicant if i try to run wifi without ethernt connectivity first. Once ethernet is plugged in, poof the supplicant error goes away and wifi connects. I can disconnect the ethernet and the board stays on the network (decent throughput too, for a cheap 1x1 802.11ac adapter) until it reboots and then the error comes back. Im not sure if its a loopback thing or what (maybe needs ipv4 of some sort before supplicant will work?) I didnt get much time to troubleshoot yet.

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