Getting Started Guide for AML-S905X-CC

We have a getting started guide in Google Docs. We need feedback on content you would like to add to it. You can either comment on the Google Doc or leave comments below.


  • Can we please combine all of our community resources into one location? Forums are often cumbersome to navigate, especially for nuanced problems. The Google Docs are nice to have as presentations, and I greatly appreciate the work that has gone in to them, but the content is mostly redundant with community content.

    pacav69 and myself have created an active and growing wiki: http://

    Here is where that page is generated:

    a) Libre Computer Project developers become contributors to this wiki? OR
    b) Pacav69 and myself become contributors on an official libre-computer-project wiki hosted on GitHub?

    It doesn't matter to me where it is located so long as it is comprehensive and accessible. Pacav69 and I simply wish to expedite the documentation process for these boards and ensure that community questions are being resolved in a single aggregated, comprehensive documentation location.

    Best regards,

  • I have to agree with @JCS
    It would be nice to have a single website with all the required information. Everything just seems so loose.

  • @JCS
    Some of the user group documentation is specific to a board. Libre Computer is focused on upstream and we are focused on communicating changes necessary in upstream to them so they can prioritize work.
    Documentation is very nuanced since officially released documentation has to be 100% or as close to 100% accurate as possible. There is a separation between information found on user groups and official documentation. If there are changes needed for official documentation to make it easier to comprehend, please leave a comment and we will respond to it.

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