Cant get Android 8.1 to install green screen

Had issues getting any of the files to install on an eMMc module, after some time reading here and on firefly got 7.1 to install. Then tried 8.1 but it gets to a point on the install and the screen goes green and wont finish the setup.

Ive tried more then 1 eMMc modules and ive tried different install tools it just does the same thing like the 8.1 firmware i corrupt from the download.

anyone know any trick to get it to install? or have a different version then on the firefly site?

I tried another firmware i found on the FT site for a 3328 using DDR4 but it hung at the remote setup screen. I think that one would of worked if i could of got it past the remote setup screen.

Ill keep trying firmwares ill find one that will work eventually
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