Lots of Timeout Errors During Boot: "Could not initialize PHY ethernet@c9410000" [RESOLVED]

edited December 2020 in AML-S805X-AC
Hi. I'm trying to boot Armbian_20.11_Lafrite_focal_current_5.9.6.img from a usb drive.
I have just flashed u-boot-2020-07-r7.bin to my la-frite.
I've tried 2 different usb drives to no avail.
First, during boot I get lots of timeout errors which take lots of time:

Then in the menu I select "boot usb" but it fails with the following message:

I've tried `dd` tool and usb imager tool to write armbian on my flash drives -- none works.
1) What should I do to boot Armbian from my usb drive?
2) Can I get rid of these timeouts which waste lots of time.


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