Renegade Elite buying advice 2021-02

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I am new to SBC and I am looking for a board with usb-c (DP+PD) that I can plug to my monitor with a single cable. 
The usage will be as desktop replacement (coding and browsing)  I want ARM and would like to be able to boot Ubuntu (or another desktop Linux distro) from SSD and Android from other media.

The Renegade Elite with 8 GB and usb-c (PD + DP) looks like the right one, but i am not finding much information about it other than there are problems with u-boot.
So I would like to know if these problems been solved; can it dual boot Ubuntu/Android and is is currently shipping?
Can it use DP and PD when plugged to a monitor via a single usb-c cable without needing more cables?
Better alternatives?


  • Latest linux builds works with booting from an nvme drive. Android though, I wouldn't count on anything other than android 7 which was released by the firefly team. It's available to  boot off sd/emmc... 
    The board would work fine for your use case, but don't expect any support. You're on your own... 
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