Where to start for new users?

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Hi, I am new here and new to this type of computers. I know a good deal of boards with a BIOS or EFI. But this board came in a week ago and I am stilll not able to let it boot a live Debian SD card. The board has an eMMC mouted with MBOX on it. When I power up the board, I first see the AMLogic logo, and then the MBOX animation. I feel like i am missing crucial information on how this board boots and works... For example, what keyboard commands can I use and at what specific moment does one use them? (if any). So, where do I start with this board?


  • Ok I will react to my own post here, I removed the eMMC card and now am able to boot from SD. Trying out several OS-es to see what meets my wishes, now am going to try Raspbian cinnamon. But still, there is a gap. I bought this board with eMMC. So, how do I flash an image to the eMMC card? I do not find complete info here, so why is that? For example, on this page >https://roc-rk3328-cc.readthedocs.io/en/latest/flash_emmc.html<; you find a guide how to flash, it may be for another board, but that is what I mean by a complete guide. So where can i find such a guide for this board? Thank you.

  • Well, no HDMI output anymore, all 3 leds lit, seems my effort with this board comes to an end  here. Sad.... Yesterday tried to flash eMMC with the upper USB port next to the ethernet port connected to my PC, did not see anything coming up (like a USB drive where I can write to), so also tried adding the power to the micro USB port.. I guess I blew it up...
  • ohw now blue LED is flashing with just RED LED on... have ssh access when I use the SD card with Debian headless on it...
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