Headless without IP address>

edited May 2018 in AML-S905X-CC

I have installed both 16.04 and 18.04 on two different cards. How does one go about making a "headless" connection to this device if there is no IP address assigned to the network interface? I had to connect monitor and keyboard to access the boards. Looking in /etc/network/interfaces.d/etho I see that the card is set to manual. I looked in /etc/network/interfaces and there is no address set for the card. Why is the image called 'headless' if it requires a keyboard and monitor? On the 18.04 install it uses netplan. Same thing with its config -NIC is set to manual without a specified IP address.


  • On 18.04 headless, netplan is set for DHCP on the headless image and Network Manager for Gnome 3. On 16.04, both are set for manual. Headless implies UART and not necessarily server. You still should get a regular getty session even on the headless images.

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