Flashing EMMC

Had the ROC now for about 2 months.. just got the emmc from libre.. using the flashing tool for windows using type A to type A usb cable.. I am able to see it as Maskrom.. and only Maskrom (wont change to anything else no matter how long I press that button).. installed the 05-14-2018 new Ubuntu image (btw was a real hassle to download, download connections droped a lot) and even older images.. Everyting installs ok..

Download Boot Start
Download Boot Success
Wait for Maskrom Start
Wait for Maskrom Success
Download Roc-RK33XXXXXXXXXXXXXX-20180514.IMG
Download image OK

When I go to boot from eMMC the thing just sits there.. Red and green light are on instead of (RED)..
When I boot with SD card it works perfectly.. and I can see the emmc partitions when I boot into Ubuntu..

I haven't had any luck booting just with the eMMC..
btw using all windows tools.. etcher for SD and Android tool for non android for emmc..

Anybody has any clues whats going on??


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