Error -110 whilst initializing

I am unable to get my new Renegade card to boot, trying three SD cards including a newly-purchased highly reviewed "Sandisk Ultra 32GB Micro SDHC UHS-I Card" and two known-good SD cards previously used with Raspberry PIs.

I have tried both the Debian and Ubuntu images with each of these, downloaded from the libre computer site ( I used Etcher on my Mac to burn them, with no issues.

In each case, the boot sequence spools onto my monitor, and towards the end there's "Error -110 whilst initializing" and soon thereafter the boot process stops/hangs. This is the case with both images on all three cards.

A kindly commenter on Amazon noted that "... [this] means that the MicroSD card has issues. Raspberry Pi does not use the UHS capability of MicroSD cards while this board does. If the MicroSD card advertises UHS and isn't able to keep up with UHS speeds, it will fail with Error -110."

So if the new SanDisk card is inadequate (and frankly I'm not entirely sold on that possibility), what card is recommended? I'll buy one and give it a try.

I'd really like to get this thing working. I have stuff I want it to do!


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