Unable to boot image

I have build image for AMLs905X using [link]. Followed the steps for building P212 and got the code (using option 2 under 1.3 in the pdf). After build found the rootfs.tar in buildroot/output/mesongxl_p212_kernel49/images/rootfs.tar and also compiled the bootloader and kernel. Created two partition in sd-card 16GB(64MB for boot as fat16 and rest as ext4 for rootfs).
Files under boot partition are dtb.img, System.map, u-boot.map, gxl_p212_2g_buildroot.dtb, u-boot, boot.img, Image, u-boot.bin.sd.bin and rootfs has bin, etc, lib, libexec, mnt, proc, run, share, tmp, var, dev, init, lib64, linuxrc, media, opt, root, sbin, sys, usr.
I new to uboot.
How I can fix this please?
(http://openlinux.amlogic.com:8000/download/doc/Linux_BSP_Kernel4.9_Buildroot_OpenLinux_Release_Notes_V20170814.pdf "link")


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