Using libretech h2+ board as peripheral device to my host computer

edited September 2018 in ALL-H3-CC

I want to use libretech all-h3-cc h2+ board as a peripheral device to my host computer. I guess enabling OTG support in kernel might help but if I power the board though usb from my computer, it does not show up in lsusb.
Does the usb port for power supports OTG or is it one of the USB ports?
Please confirm.


  • You can hold the FEL button before plugging in power to enable FEL mode. In this mode you can only use sunxi-tools to trigger u-boot or Linux. If you are trying to make it a gadget device via the Linux kernel, the device has to be separately powered and the kernel must be configured to be a gadget. That means the device has to boot up via a separate power source and emulate a device via Linux before being plugged into a computer. Otherwise you would have to boot Linux via FEL through a program running on your computer.

  • Okay, I would have to try that. But for now, I am asking in OTG mode, will the same power usb could be used to send commands/data or power will be through the same port but to connect to host computer and send data I would use one of the 4 USB ports on the board.

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