Firefly Mutil-Boot: Multi-OS installation and launcher available

As I watch this forum and the others, I saw that this was posted recently yet hadn't seen anything mentioned here.. so I figured I'd "cross-post" to give everyone a heads-up:

Firefly Mutil-Boot
Multi-OS installation and launcher
Mutil-Boot is developed for the firefly hardware platform. It can realize online installation and startup of multiple systems. The interface design is simple and easy to operate. It is easy for beginners to get started with multiple operating systems.

The forum post at:

Downloads at:


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    Anyone know of instructions for using this tool? I cannot get it too boot. I just want Station OS but have been unable to find any directions that lead to a bootable SD card for any android based OS. Etcher does not work For Station OS or multiboot tool. I think it's a formatting issue but I've been stuck for 1/2 a year. Running Armbian hoping for a working Kodi or some instructions to try Station OS if it has DRM.

    Also does this tool have the option to install to USB 3.0 like Armbian config?

    Both Etcher and USB image writer fail to write the image in a usable way. Etcher does not know how to format for the multitool. USB formatter works but USB image writer fails with unspecified error

    Both images should have read me files, but do not!

  • I wish they would say how it's used too, all I get is a black screen that says firefly,
    its also made firefly rk3399 which I would realy like it to work for since emmc is built into

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