Anyone know if or where the EMMC Chip Mask ROM Mode Short Location is? i want to remove the crappy Android 7.1 from my LePotato and install something remotely useful. But my UBOOT button must be defective because i connect it to my Win10 PC and USB Burning tool doesn't see it unless i remove the EMMC Module. I've tried every way possible even connecting it to Ubuntu 16.04 and 18.04. nothing. It is all but useless to me at this point. I'll probably sell it, or smash it, if i cant install something else to the EMMC.


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    Trying to install a Libre Image to eMMC? - Link

    It's a bit of a pain in the ass in my opinion and they need to find a better option, but it does work.

  • Yeah neither Windows 10 or Ubuntu see the device at all unless i remove the EMMC. Then it's seen as a "Libusb World Cup Device". Flashing, for me anyway, is impossible. I think i'm gonna move to Odroid's SBC's. At least they chose to make a EMMC USB reader and EMMC USB writer. This $70 investment is and most likely will be a paperweight

  • Pull the eMMC off the board.

    Flash the Libre image of ur choice to an sdcard and boot from that. Once booted follow the instructions in that link. The eMMC needs to not be connected whilst booting and then when booted and logged in connect the eMMC and follow the instructions

    It works.

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    Yeah I still haven't gotten an Odroid yet... Keep looking at the XU4. I hear community support for it is really good. FriendlyElec makes some interesting stuff and I do have NanoPC T4 which is a pretty nice board. But software support for that is also kinda trash.

    Does run like a champ though using Armbian :)

    My personal opinion is that people need to start paying more attention to the software end of things and stop releasing boards that they know they don't have proper and functional software for. This is why the Raspberry Pi Foundation is kicking everyone's ass. Not to say what they release hardware wise is better, but on the software end... They pretty much nailed it.

    I'm sure the kernel being on the proprietary end has a lot to do with it.

  • As a second option and if what I'm reading is correct, what you could do is boot using the armbian image from an SD card and then use gparted to format the eMMC to something like FAT32 or NTFS. Windows probably can't see what the file system is that the Android operating system is installed on within the eMMC. Therefore it's not recognizing it. I don't use Windows, so I don't know what goes on there, but I do know when I originally got the renegade that was the approach I took.

    But the above link should work regardless.

  • ok cool, all i want to do is wipe the emmc and install something useful like Ubuntu or Libreelec

  • I found the solution! Buy an Odroid.... They actually sell an EMMC to usb writer. I erased Android from the Odroid EMMC and installed Libreelec in under 5 mins. So i purchased another EMMC to try out Ubuntu, Android, Kali, and basically any other OS they have because they actually made a product that works as described.

    What did i learn... Libre Computer Project doesn't care about its customer base, Hard Kernel Does

  • There's no mask-rom mode. There's the lc_redetect_emmc utility for hot-plugging the eMMC module and wiping it from Linux.

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