So I got the H5

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and I'm just curious, what are you all using this board for? Media Player, Desktop, File Server... Paper weight?
Not saying it's bad or anything, just interested in what projects if any you've fit this into?


  • Trying to get it working as a media box and trying to get audio passthrough working on android. Nada on the passthrough, but ok on the mediabox.
  • Hmmm. Android I haven't tried that yet. I wasn't to impressed with the provided Libre images though. I did make my self an Armbian .IMG running the 4.19.11 Linux kernel. Which is pretty smooth I must say... Pretty impressed.

    Thinking about getting together the Bootlin efforts and seeing how much better I can get the Video playback going. 720P seems to be going pretty smooth by default.

    Anyway, Happy Holidays and lets see what this board can do!

  • @loverpi
    The latest ALL-H5-CC images that I tried:

    They don't seem to expand the partition that the filesystem is installed on correctly. Is there a command I can run or is this a bug? I tried growing the partiton with gparted my self, but it gave me errors.


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    Nevermind. I fixed it using Ubuntu. (with gparted)
    For whatever reason I couldn't get it to work in my Debian install? It hates btrfs for some reason.

  • We will double check this over the next few days. Thanks for reporting!

  • We just tested the images and they resized OK. Did you reboot the first boot while it was resizing?

  • I didn't even realize it was happening until I started setting up things and started getting errors because of a lack of space. After writing the image for a 3rd time, I then pulled the SDCARD and rewrote it again, let it boot and then shutdown the board, pulled the card and checked it under gparted on my PC.

    That's when I noticed the problem.

    After realizing Debian wasn't properly seeing the file system "wouldn't even let me mount it" I then booted into Ubuntu, checked the card and grew it from there. I did try a fresh install on the card from Ubuntu, using etcher and gnome-disk-utility, but the result was the same.

    Maybe this is an isolated issue? In any case, it's easily remedied using gparted.
    Card(s) I used - SanDisk Extreme PRO

  • @Cornelius We will do some more testing and get back to you.

  • Just pulled from ur site -

    Extracted and then used Etcher to image the SDCARD.
    Got the web up using an old Moto X Pure phone I have laying around and tethered via USB (Good old LineageOS) and some quick changes to /etc/network/interfaces.

    Followed by sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade -y && sudo apt install xinit xserver-xorg xterm openbox gparted -y

    Ran startx and the screenshot shows what else.

    Same results. Not sure what I'm doing wrong here? But I'm willing to bet, if I grew the partition all would be fine. :)

    I don't have Windows to check if writing the .IMG with that OS would give me different results, but it's been pretty consistent with in Linux.

  • We have to upload new images. It will take approximately 24 hours.

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    Kool. Well other than me having to grow the partition, the .IMG runs great. I actually prefer it over Armbian, since I'm not a big fan of things on my system I don't actually need. Not that Armbian is bloated, but I really dislike NetworkManager.

    When the new images drop, I'll give it a go.

    NOTE: My only grip is the lack of wireless support, namely with rtl8812au and not being able to successfully CROSSCOMPILE it. I eventually always get errors.

    Any suggestions would be fantastic :)
  • @loverpi

    How to enable USB support in grub? My keyboard isn't responsive and I've tried both wired and wireless with no luck.

  • I put together a few .IMGs for the H5. If anyone cares to try them, you can find them here.
    So far I've added: CRUX, OpenSUSE and Debian. If anyone has any requests and they aren't over the top ridiculous, I'd be fine with trying to build the .IMG for you. But please take note, this is the H5 after all and for the time being "in my opinion" this board shines on the headless server side of things.

    With that said, you could install a somewhat functional Desktop Environment and do some simple web surfing and what-not. 

    NOTE: I don't own a eMMC for the board, so these IMGs are SDCARD ready only.
    Also... Expect BUGS!  :)
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