Le Potato/Libre Computer; Root Password?

Hello all, after a year on and off playing with my Le Potato paperweight, I was finally able to flash a Debian Linux image to the eMMC module and am now able to use this as a computer. Hooray!

Now, I'm wanting to set this up in our hospital to do complete systems monitoring with Zabbix, and need to lock this OS down tight. Using the default image provided by Libre (u: libre, p: computer), what is the root account password, or how do I change it? For example, I need to add a user, but can only modify visudo as root. Thanks.


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    There is no password on the root account. You don't have to worry about security there. Just change the password for libre. You have sudo like on any Ubuntu/Debian system. sudo adduser USERNAME. To change the password of an existing user, sudo passwd USERNAME. Don't set a password on root unless you plan to login as root since that's not a good practice.

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