ROC-RK3399-PC Mythtv / OpenGL / HDMI audio / graphics acceleration / IR

Bought my ROC-RK3399-PC to try it out as a front-end for mythtv so installed the Ubuntu18.04image image from and had a quick go....

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade
sudo apt-get install mythtv-frontend

added firefly to the mythtv user group and plugged in to my network and amazingly it found my mythtv backend automatically and sort of worked first go!

  • Sound worked via HDMI fine, but when not actually in use there is an intermittent static noise. When the screen blanker starts the static is constant. Any suggestions?

  • Video playback is choppy, but I guess there will be some work to get the on board graphics acceleration working. Any tips?

  • Need to look at how the IR sensor works - any tips?

*It looks like OpenGL is not installed? I tried "glmark2-es2" and it reported "output = Error: main: Could not initialize canvas"

Any suggestions where to start fixing these?

Impressed so much worked ‘out of the box’ compared to previous systems I have built, but a way to go before it's usable.

Mark Leman


  • That image is based on the Linux 4.4 SDK which I cannot support because it's old and out of tree and I don't want to learn Rockchip's proprietary stuff.

    I'm not sure if mythtv uses V4L2 or what system to decode videos but hardware acceleration is most likely unsupported unless you hook up mythtv to use the same video decoding pipeline that is specifically enabled on that image. We only play with upstream so we are unfamiliar and we are not sure the state of hardware video decode on RK3399 in the V4L2 mem2mem area.

    glmark2-es2 is for OpenGL ES 2 and not generic OpenGL. Again we are not sure how that is setup on the image and which mali blob they are using. Mali on Linux is a pain because you have to switch between the X11/Wayland/DRM variants manually.

    I would say wait a few weeks until we release our upstream images and test which works and which does not. For those images you are pretty much on your own.

  • Wow, that was quick reply! I will wait a bit till you release a new image and then have another go.

    IIRC mythtv uses v4l2 for the capture, which in my case is a separate server running the myth-backend code. I will go and find out how mythtv frontend is hooked in to the video acceleration of the platform it is running on.

    Do you know anything about the IR receiver on the board?

    Mark Leman

  • I haven't checked the images to see if the IR receiver is hooked directly to RK3399 SoC or to some intermediary MCU. If it is hooked to RK3399 directly, it is more convenient but if it is hooked to some proprietary MCU running unknown logic, it may be an issue. If you have the time, you can crawl through the device tree on Firefly's u-boot and Linux branches for Renegade Elite.

  • I'll go have a look at the device tree. Any idea where to find the schematics so I can check the physical connection?

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