issues with OpenGLES2.0 project

I have a few boards and I test them all out with a standard OpenGLES2.0 test project displaying a game scene and with lighting, shadows, some physics etc.

After a bit of messing about I managed to get my Tritium H5 to compile and run, but even though it got something on screen, it is repeatedly throwing out GLerrors and running in single figure fps.

I've run this demo on dozens of boards, which usually results in a binary, can (though perhaps slow), or cannot run, though.

This is the 1st time thoughm where I've had it run on a board, throw errors but still manage to chuck poly's to the screen.

I noted that glmark2-es2 gives equally terrible performance, though when run offscreen it actually gives a very reasonable mark of 260.

so is there some issue with the EGL or X11 on these boards or the supplied OS, (I used Ubuntu and Debian, finding Debian to be a bit more responsive)? The GPU appears to be accelerated, but transfer of the buffers to screens is going very wrong somewhere.

Any ideas?


  • After being pointed to the readme file, I notice this at the end.
    Known Issues:
    H5 2GB Mali-450 kernel driver has a bug that cause rendering anomalies and spam syslog with errors.

    which indeed is what is happeneing, is this being worked on, since it does make the H5 useless for any OpenGLES2.0 based work

  • @BrianBeuken It's not so much a problem with the hardware as it is a problem with how the Mali blob works. Allwinner's implementation of Mali-450 is slightly different than other boards. Bring it up in linux-sunxi IRC would be the best bet. Some people have looked into it but did not spend enough time to figure out the exact fix.

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