Android 8.x or newer

is there any android 8.x or newer available for the roc 3328-cc, or sources to bake one by myself?


  • You may have to bake it yourself as Android 9 is being worked on. The 8.1 repo is here:

  • I'm busy making an Android 8 firmware for ROC CC.
    There is just some small things I still want to fix to improve the user experience.

    We really need Android 9 since it uses a newer kernel and has improved video playback, Magisk systemless root & TWRP Recovery support. Rockchip also works on Android 9 mainly now, so Android 8 support will be limited.

  • Any word on this?  I've been unable to get any answers from the StationOS team.  They are in violation of the GPL by not providing kernel sources and sources to their KODI mods.   They have tons of Chinese crap installed and a horrible UI.  I'd love to see who has proper kernel sources for this board.  A real Android TV port is really needed.

    That said, I'm running a web server to gives access to all my files, it encrypts traffic for other machines, and generally does a good job at 4K and HDR playback, but surround fails and messing with sound options can permanently break the HDMI out.  Grrr ....
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