Couple of Newbie Questions About New Board

hi... my librecomputer arrived today and I am just curious... I know it can run rasbian....can I use a touchscreen marketed to a raspberry pi that plugs into the gpio pins with the libre board?

also, I don't suppose there is anything that shows what the "status leds" indicate? they blink pretty, but they're unlabeled :(


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    LEDs are software programmable. You can set the triggers to whatever you want in the kernel. Touchscreens will not work because you need to enable SPI in the device tree and the whole infrastructure for device tree overlays is not ready for this board. If it is a DPI screen, then it's not supported at all.

  • I just got my Libre the other day, then returned it because I couldn't get it to boot my Raspbian Stretch image. Amazon sent me a new board, same issue. I know that the image is good because I can put it in a RPi3 and it boots without issue. I have also tried a different SD card with raspbian, and an XYO BridgeX image, none of them will boot. The ethernet cord is plugged in and I have solid Green and Amber lights. The red light is solid next to the power slot. Please, help! What did I do wrong?
  • @FigNutz83 Images that work on Raspberry Pi 3 does not work on these boards. You need our Raspbian release on the download page of the specific product.
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