Resin 3d Printer with this Board

Hi all,

Has anyone used this board to power a 3d Resin printer? The open source NanoDLP software can run natively on a raspberry pi 3,3B but does not support 4k output on the RPI. I am looking for this board to replace the RPI because of the 4k support.

I will keep this discussion open as I venture into getting this board to power my DIY printer.


Progress so far:
  1. Frame nearly assembled
  2. Ubuntu bionic installed
  3. NanoDLP Installed as server, may have to use an arduino nano to act as a driver controller for now.
  4. sudo apt-get -y install unzip
  5. wget
  6. unzip && cd nanodlp 
  7. ./

More to come when my display arrives from CHINA.


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