June-25 builds on lePotato run out of memory easily

On my lePotato I installed June-25 2019 builds (both Ubuntu Bionic and Debian Stretch).
I have a 1-Gb version of the card.  It appears to work fine until 2-3 tabs are open in the browser, then it locks-up (swapping).  The X.org server seems to take 500Mb all by itself.  This is twice the memory as X.org in Armbian latest.  It isn't the browser that's the issue-- I tried both Chromium and Firefox.
1.  Are there any easy way to install Armbian to the EMMC?  Would it require changing the device tree so that the EMMC is supported first?
2.  VLC and KODI do not appear to work on Libre.computer builds, but at least VLC *does* work on Armbian.
3.  Would Zram compression help with 1Gb lePotato boards?  I see that it's ENABLED in Armbian.
4.  After the EMMC is installed, only SD cards with libre.computer images seem to be recognized... Is there some way to have U-boot, UEFI or GRUB support booting the SD card first with OS (like Armbian/CoreElec or some other) that would NOT require removal and re-installing the fragile EMMC module?

BTW, THANK YOU GUYS for the support.    


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