Ubuntu on 8GB v5.X EMMC Issues & questions

I recently bought an EMMC module.  I flashed Ubuntu headless to it (The regular 64bit headless June 25th version) and it works mostly fine but I have two issues:
1. On bootup it gets stuck on the screen that says "## STARTING EFI APPLICATION AT ..." and I have to press enter at which point the grub screen flashes on for a split second and then the screen goes blank.  Then on the blank screen I have to press "Enter" again at which point it actually starts booting Ubuntu.  From here it boots up like normal.

I need a way for it to bootup without requiring me to press "Enter" twice.  It's a "headless" server after all and I normally am not sitting in front of it.  I have tried setting GRUB_DEFAULT and GRUB_TIMEOUT in /etc/default grub and running update-grub but it seems to have no effect.

2. The kernel doesn't contain the zram module.  I can install the zram-config package with apt and a reboot should be all that's required to activate zram in Ubuntu.  But instead the following messsage is recorded in /var/syslog "init-zram-swapping[1838]: modinfo: ERROR: Module zram not found."

I do not want to use either the emmc or the sdcard for swap.  I want to use zram because it will minimize the need to use an actual swap file.  This works flawlessly on the armbian image but not on the Ubuntu one (It also works fine on any of my Raspberry Pi boards).
It seems like a rather important feature considering the tiny amount of RAM these boards come with.  If you put a swapfile on an sdcard and it actually gets any amount of use you are going to burn up that sdcard in record time!  (I have burned up several of them this way on various boards, including two on this one before I got the EMMC)

Anyhow, Thanks in advance if anyone can help me out with either of these!


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