No news from my shipment

Hi, I am the Backer Number: 598 and I have no news from my shipment.
Since the day I recieved the mail decribing how to use the tool to get the shipment number, DHL eCommerce platform invariably shows "No results" and I haven't recieved anything.  Could you please look after this shipment ?  Thanks !


  • Update : I randomly tried the tracking number in all the parcel companies I've seen working in my town other than DHL and found the parcel waiting for me to be collected at one of them.  => Shipping eventually OK.  Package correct.
    Unboxing and checking against my order of a Large Meal with Large Curly Fries :
    • La Frite 1GB : recieved :smiley:
    • 8GB eMMC : recieved :smiley:
    • 2.5A Power Supply with LED and Power Button : recieved :smiley:
    • HDMI Cable : recieved :smiley:
    • Wireless Mezzanine with Dual-Band, 2T2R, Bluetooth 4.2, Antennas: missing
    • La Frite Polycarbonate Case with Fan: missing
    • GenBasic Omni Remote: missing
    I don't remember having seen any news update announcing some parts where backordered.  Could you please tell me what I may expect ?
    Thanks !
  • Same deal happened with Renegade Elite campaign. Some users are missing emmc and the wireless/bt m2 key was not shipped at all. Getting the runaround from loverpi and libre on this. 
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