INVOICE Order #2645

Good Morning, many months ago I acquired the card Lepotato that I received quickly and without inconvenience.
(I paid exactly what was on the invoice).
After ordering two LeFritte waiting for many months without any information, I have sent many mails but I never received a response, at end the cards are shipped, and when I took the package from the post office I have to pay 13,39€ for customs fees that the other time I didn't have to pay.
What happened differently this time ?


  • Depending on where you are in the world, products may be subject to duties and taxes depending on application and import information. This changes with time as well. Prices are quoted for cost + freight.
  • Good morning I want to send all my compliments for the convenience answer, which explains absolutely nothing.
    More than correct to warn the buyer that there may be customs charges. All sellers write this if necessary.
    P. S: I buy many small electronic devices a year and this is the first customs tax since from 1997 year.
    Thanks you for response . Have you happy days.

  • Can you provide a customs invoice? We will refund the amount to you since you are within the United States and there should have been no customs/duty.
  • It is interesting to see that someone has in fact responded to messages on LoverPi. I have been trying to get someone from this company to respond to my numerous mails without any luck. Maybe if I use this forum I might get a response. I have been sent a message by Loverpi that my order 3690 has been delivered in the beginning of this month, but no such package has ever been delivered to me. Since then I have been sending mails to ask for someone to explain to me where the parcel has been delivered, without luck. If anyone is monitoring these chats, can I ask that you please reply to my mails regarding this order

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