Are LoverPi even looking at these posts!

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Posted week ago about order 3229 - metal case which arrived with two bottom plates and no top plate. No responses! In fact on most of the posts I see for ordering issues, LoverPi have not responded.
Is this the level of service you guys want to be remembered for?
Are Libre Computing happy with this level of service? When they seek backers for their new projects I expect buyers will remember this. Just a simple response saying that the matter is being dealt with would provide some comfort that we are not wasting our time.


  • Did you write to also?
    I'll wait a little more and file a complaint, because no one answer
  • Yes, emailing them was the first thing I did, but I received no reply. I will try again. As for filing a complaint, I don't know who I would complain to, especially if their CS email address isn't responded to.
  • OK, I have emailed again and will update the forum of I receive any response from them. It's annoying, especially as I have subsequently ordered the eMMC card. What could possibly go wrong? 
  • They really have horrible after sale service. I honestly regret buying from them.
  • So, now my eMMC card has arrived. It came with no fixings and the ones that came with the La Frite are no good - the black screws are too long and go right through the brass washer and out the other side. Also, the eMMC is a cut-down version with no cut-outs for the screws. I have no Idea how the hell I can fit this board or get the alignment for the connector correct without these cut-outs.
    I'm really pissed with these people - two orders and both are incorrect. Two ignored emails and no responses from then from forum posts. They just don't give a shit and I won't be buying from them again!
  • Agreed. This is my last venture with them. They don't give a crap about customers/the community.
  • I absolutely agree, and i don't even have any complaint against them other than their continuous BS in promising the boards month after month. But i have been watching all the complaints and how awful their handling of them has been. This is NOT a company that ANYONE would ever consider purchasing from or backing twice. Their attitude just seems to me to be "give me your money and go away until i may eventually deign to fulfil my promise to you"! Sadly this promise also seems to be optional to them. It's an AWFUL company and i don't even have a complaint! Those who do have my commiserations....because you won't get them from Libre.
  • @englishrupe01 If you have an order or crowdfunding reward, please open a separate ticket.
    @karendar Please refrain from the term "buy" when you back a crowdfunding. Products are designed and fulfilled on a best effort basis per the crowdfunding guidelines. There are products with MOQ requirements and ongoing design work.
    @Alwilson You can just stick those on. It doesn't require the cutouts.
  • LC does not handle any crowdfunding or customer facing distribution. They are our manufacturing partner. We work with them to distribute the products to other countries.
  • who is it that handles the discussion/feedback on Kickstarter? It says "Libre Computer". So, are you saying it isn't them who does the replies on Kickstarter? It says "LC" and their attitude absolutely stinks.You know, i spent around $70 in backing their product and i received it OK, and i can't even get enough enthusiasm to even try it out. And that's pretty bad for a "backer" to feel like that! The attitude in their replies is so bad that even if i find mine doesn't work, i won't bother to even contact them...let alone ask them for help. That's sad when they consider their backers to be disposable.....and i know i never ever would back them again.....whoever they are....if you say they aren't LC. They are in charge of the replies and attitude, i know that!
  • We run the Kickstarters on their behalf. If you have a specific issue, just post here.
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