eMMC card with no screw cut-outs

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My 32Gb eMMC card arrived yesterday and two things were instantly obvious. The board is different from what I have seen elsewhere and does not have the half-circle cut-outs so that it can be correctly aligned to the holes on the La Frite. Next thing is that it arrived with no fixings. The La Frite came with the brass washers but the screws supplied go right through the washer and out the other side so there is no way to attach the eMMC board.
Two orders from these clowns and both were wrong. eMails to their so-called customer service are ignored, as are posts on this forum.
I strongly advise NOT to buy from these people and their "sell-and-forget" policy, though if you are looking at this forum you probably already have a similar story. I'm so pissed I just want a refund and never to buy from them again!


  • I got the same, in an Amazon order that arrived earlier this week.
  • Same here, emmc module came with screws but the board but these cant be used as the emmc module cant be secured, so at almost every boot it is not detected
  • Mine didnt have any holes, but this is my third board where i had to get all the parts and put it all together. The first was an Odroid XU4, it came with double sided tape. I first checked it to make sure it was going to work then i peeled off the back side and just stuck it down.]

    Once in the case no issues, i mean i dont use it in my covered wagon bouncing down the wagon trail it sits on my desk. 

    When i got the Libre i just did the same thing, got some double sided tape and just stuck it on the opposite end of the module connector... easy peezy  B)

    I mean the board was $35. i dont expect gold connectors and all that. IMO it runs better then my Pi4, that pos i cant even get any games to run let alone run any kind of benchmark app. Ide trade that board for another one of these any day. God i wasted money on that thing
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