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Libre Computer boards follow a model naming convention outside of the codename. Board names convention is as follows: VENDOR-CHIP/CHIPFAMILY-FORMFACTOR CHIP DRAMCONFIGURATION
Chips and Chip Families:
  • H2+ - Allwinner H2+
  • H3 - Allwinner H3
  • H5 - Allwinner H5
  • S805X - Amlogic S805X (GXL Chip Family)
  • S905X - Amlogic S905X (GXL Chip Family)
  • S912 - Amlogic S912 (GXL/GXM Chip Family)
  • RK3328 - Rockchip RK3328
  • RK3399 - Rockchip RK3399
Form Factors:
  • AC - Follows Raspberry Pi Model A+ Drill Hole Pattern
  • CC - Credit Card - Follows Raspberry Pi Model B Form Factor
  • PC - 120mm x 72mm x 1.2cm Low Profile Design
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