Wireless mezzanine?

Until the promised mezzanine is released, this has very limited use and no update on that has been given in months. Does anyone have any insider knowledge about the status?

I have an EMMC chip for OS, one USB port for my keyboard & mouse, and the other port for a USB wireless adapter. La Frite can't be used it as a cheap NAS as planned since it can't have external storage, keyboard, and wireless all at once. It's honestly very disappointing to not be able to use it for much. 


  • Please post once and not 4 times on threads not related to your issue.
  • loverpi said:
    Please post once and not 4 times on threads not related to your issue.

    But what is the status of the wireless mezzanine? 
    Will one ever be delivered or will there be some compensation for Libre's failure to deliver?
    The mezzanine was my main reason for supporting the project...

    I disagree with the implication that my 3 comments (not 4) were irrelevant to the topic of the thread. The first was in response to a thread about wireless mezzanines for the Renegade, in which I stated that mezzanines have not been given for Libre's other products either. I still feel that was relevant but we can agree to disagree on the relevance of that since I was talking about the same issue but with a different board.

    The second was on a thread in which OP asked if Logi Unifying Receivers work and he stated a lack of ports. I responded by confirming that they do work and echoed OP's feelings on a lack of ports by stating that it could be remedied by having a wireless mezzanine that didn't take up one of the ports. I don't see how you think that is not relevant; it's pretty clearly on topic to the OP's query.

    My third comment was on a thread directly talking about not having received the promised mezzanine. There's absolutely no logical way that you could conclude that was not related. 

    I feel that you could have just responded with telling me what the status was. I also feel like my question is being deflected by accusations of me posting in a way that is not relevant to the thread...and also by miscounting my comments.
  • I generally prefer to avoid coming across as confrontational but I've been trying to get an update on this for about 4 months.  
  • There's some software infrastructure for auto-detection and device tree overlay that has to go in before the mezzanine is released. It's not a hardware holdup but rather a software one. Once the software framework is done, the hardware EEPROM needs to be programmed.
  • As one semi-satisfied backer, I am happy to read this last thread. However, and with all due respect, it would be helpful to post something similar to your reply above as an official update. This issue has generated several questions and comments and seems to be a tremendous point of contention. Just replying that we should have bought a Raspberry Pi has not made the question disappear, but has instead just hardened people's resolve to avoid any of your future campaigns, or your online store.
    I accept that it takes time to design and deliver products from scratch as they are novel products that requires extensive software development. It seems that your board has been successful, from my perspective, as a streaming device. I'm pretty happy with that. But without wireless networking capabilities, the board is limited - for me and others.
    Please don't answer to this post with an angry diatribe. We know you are busy, but we are your word-of-mouth advertisers. Treating us like petulant children won't serve your long-term interests.
  • @loverpi
    Thank you for giving some reassurance that the mezzanine is still in the works. An estimated date would still be cool but I understand you don't know when that will be. 

    petrol12 said:
    Without wireless networking capabilities, the board is limited - for me and others.
    I very much agree. 
  • Glad to see I'm not the only one frustrated with their lack of communication. How hard is it to say "Ok, we've got an ETA of X date. We need to work on X issue. Next status update in a couple of weeks". It's not asking for too much... It's actually part of Indiegogo and Kickstarter's TOS. 
  • I for one certainly hope NEVER to see this crew on Kickstarter ever again.
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