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My order has been returned to the sender. The local post office claims they never received the required documents for customs clearance. This is a lie, I sent them those documents 4 days after they requested them, but never got a response. Due to holidays and travel, I contacted them about the shipment one month after sending those documents and not hearing from them. They told me to send the documents again, and if I would not receive any response after two weeks, I had to contact them again. Recevied nothing, so I contacted them again. They created a dossier and told me I would hear from them within a week. Two weeks later I didn't get any response. So I called again today, angry, and the person who I spoke with contacted customs, who now claim they never received the documents.
How to continue to finally get my hands on my La Frite?


  • I would appreciate it if you at least respond to my message.
    Meanwhile I filed a complaint with the ombudsman for postal services in Belgium. Bpost claims different things: that they never received my documents and returned the shipment to the sender. Another story is that the shipment never arrived in Belgium in the first place. Either way, tracking records prove it arrived in Belgium and was stopped by customs. From there it got lost. Either way, the ombudsman says it's the sender's responsibility to make sure a shipment arrives at the destination. Since that is you, I am looking at you again open a complaint with your shipping partner and make sure I get what I paid for after all.
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    I'm also trying to get @loverpi to respond. I'm backer #1096. I have not received my board, afaik it has not even been sent out. The lack of communication is frustrating. I have tried contacting them through all possible channels. 
  • Per the Kickstarter updates that were sent out numerous times, it is up to you to clear it from customs. It is not returned to sender but discarded and sold off bulk to unclaimed mail purchasers.
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