La Frite projects

Curious to know if there is a project's book or anything listing different projects people have used their  la Frite on, if any?



  • For what it's worth... I'm working on using mine as the "server" processing board for a KerberosSDR four-receiver radio direction finding system.  It seems to be plenty fast enough... the raw data capture via USB seems to take about 40% of one core, and the MUSIC correlation and angle determination code takes a bit less than one core.

    The biggest difficulty I've had was building the required Python libraries.  Actually compiling the scipy package requires about 2.3 GB of virtual memory... more than the board's 1 GB of RAM and all of the default swap partition.  I had to hook up an external USB drive and add a swapfile in order to complete the build without an OOM.
  • I'm using it for a Pi-Hole DNS Sink Hole server
  • I'll probably use mine as a home board to play around with home automation and IoT. In the meantime, it's gathering dust... I also have an Active PoE injector which I'll use to power it on a PoE switch.
  • I'm using it for a Pi-Hole DNS Sink Hole server
    Me too, tried to configure Kodi on it to no avail.  Running the latest Debian buster image. 

    Also was taking a look at that network booting thread (

    Used SSH to X11 forward some X apps to another box running Linux Mint 19 - that was cool.

    Tried playing some web video from MTV in chromium but the chrome://gpu shows that nothing is using hardware acceleration.  Firefox ESR is packaged with the Debian image and works a bit better.

    I have the eMMC module but had some weird stuff that I thought might be that it was leaning on the main board, so i put a piece of electrical tape between the eMMC and the La Frite.

    I also made a case out of cardboard and stress tested it to see what temperature I could get this bad boy up to - 77 degrees Celsius.IMG-1663
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    Chromium has no support for acceleration in Linux. There is work to rewrite V4L2 support in Chromium to support upstream Linux acceleration mechanisms.
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