Undelivered order #2734

Dear Loverpi,
My e-mails to cs@loverpi.com have never been answered and after 8 months I still haven't received order #2734. On facebook you redirected me to this forum, so I kindly attached a screenshot showing the order has been sent back to you because of incorrect paperwork.
Could you please resend the order, make sure it travels through customs and arrives at my door?
Thank you in advance!
Kind regards,


  • Man....that is truly a disgrace on them! I feel for you, after such a great investment. Sadly these guys have no interest in their backers once they get the money. Sad but true. Other backers get double and they just tell them to keep it....and screw the other backers. These people should NOT be in business.
  • The same applies to me, this company should be registered as a scam to prevent others from being caught up in this trap.
    I have ordered a product and was sent a mail to say the product has been delivered in NJ, and my company is in South Africa, and I never received any package from them. I have sent numerous mails but just no response

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