Broken power supply [still no update]


I previously posted this on august 13 on the forum, but got no answer. I tried emailing them on 3/11/2019 and also haven't gotten a response, I'm getting pretty annoyed with their response


I did the kickstarter for the la frite, and I really like the board, but the included power supply doesn't work. The light on the power supply is on (green), but when I plug something in it doesn't power on.

I tried plugging in an arduino, and it also doesn't power on.

Delivered power supply:

Power supply I had laying around:

I need that power supply for something else, so it would be nice to get a replacement.

If you need more/ different pictures, or need some other information, I'm happy to give more info

I made a forum post but didn´t get any response (

I already posted this at their kickstarter, but didn't get any response, I already send you an email, and someone responded to be patient


I’m still waiting from august 13, do you always make unsatisfied customers wait?





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