Mainline Linux LTS 5.4.x issues (ethernet, mmc, drm)

Hello! I'm working on getting Alpine Linux running on this device. I'm using the mainline linux-lts kernel 5.4.12, with no patches: config.
I've prepared an iso which, when flashed to a USB stick, comes up no sweat and boots to a shell normally. The issues are then apparent:
  • I have no eMMC devices in /dev
  • eth0 exists, but attempting to bring it up gives "ip: ioctl 0x8914 failed: No such device"
  • The display has bizzare issues where many new pixels won't be written to the display until a few redraws later, using the tty0 console.
I've tried to boot up the official Armbian mainline images for comparison, but I can't get those past u-Boot (FDT_ERR_BADMAGIC). Can anyone with a working 5.x config share it, review mine for errors, or boot up and help troubleshoot my ISO?


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