512MB Board problems

On 512 MB board armbian not booting, only vendor mali images(ubuntu,debian), work upstream arch arm via method from this forum but after update system must recreate/prepare linux kernel, Ubuntu Focal have problems with install from usb stick (keyboard have not acces after grub step to installer), Libreelec(box) booting without hdmi out to screen , Alpine also have glitches on screen etc


  • On the plus side, @devegoo ; you're not alone!
    Last time I tried Ubuntu Focal (which there's another thread about here, that someone else started) they (Ubuntu) hadn't included USB drivers, so nothing USB will work after grub - keyboard and flash drive included. I'm sure this will be resolved, but I have no idea exactly when.
    I am more pleased than I should be that you have that experience with Libreelec - as I get exactly the same. Everyone else I've encountered on these forums has it working fine, but they appear to have the 1GB model. You're the first 512 MB user I've encountered, so at least if your board is doing the same my suspicion that it's 512 that's the issue seems more likely. The board works fine in all other regards, and HDMI out is great on the images that they've provided here. I'm a bit stuck as to what might be behind it, though LibreElec is using the newer kernel (like Focal) which feels like it's related. I'm hoping that there will be a working Focal in the not too distant future that will work with HDMI and I can work back to get LibreElec going (which is what I'm really hoping for!)

  • hm, only one sugestion, if this is not too complicated to do something special with low level bytes below all sbc projects , if i will be heared by community developers i promise wide acceptation by al majority persons ho escalate one project to next one, do that code like normal people not like  bulls from old savana
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