Magic Mirror 2 software working on "La Frite"

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A few months ago I've tried to install this software ( on "La Frite" using one of the scripts to install it. If you are interested on make a Magic Mirror / Smart Mirror with the board, it's possible. It works fine!
Here's the link:


  • Good news :) Any code that targets standard distros like Ubuntu or Debian will work without modification. Only when it needs to access special hardware, targets a specific architecture, or is written poorly will it not work.
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    What kind of software is it? I work at a detail garage, and I have a lot of orders to complete. I work in Photoshop, and I would like to find something more specialized in design. I found some software on softwaredeal store, but I am not sure if this is what I need. I have had this dilemma for already one month because I have already got used to Photoshop, but I know there is something better that can improve my work. I see a lot of designers are using Magic Mirror, but I am not sure if it is suitable for designing cars.
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