Creating an Ubuntu (Linux) MicroSD with Windows

edited April 2018 in ROC-RK3328-CC

So, I just got my ROC-RK3328 and I was surprised how little info was out there. I put together this terse guide so other noobs won't have to struggle as much as I did.

Picking a MicroSD Card
1. For best results, you probably want one that says UHS-1. It will have a little U with a "1" inside printed on it somewhere.
2. All you need is 4GB, but you'll be hard pressed to find a new one less than 16GB.

Flash the SD Card
1. Get an image. I found Ubuntu images here: Ubuntu Images
2. So, while that's downloading you are probably going to want to get 7-Zip to extract the images. 7-Zip
3. Extract the .rar/.tgz somewhere and find the .img file. Ignore the other stuff. FYI: .tgz are zipped tar files, so you'll have to do a double extraction.
4. There a lot of ways to flash the software, but I choose Etcher because it's moron simple. Etcher
5. Once it's flashed you may get a bunch of message from Windows asking to format the drive. Don't do it! Just click cancel.

Boot It!
1. Pop in the SD card
2. Attach the microUSB cable.
3. The password is "firefly"

Hope that helps!


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