How do I access gpio pins (H2+ version)?

Hi, I really like my H2+ version of the ALL-H3-CC; it's been sitting on my network taking regular surveys and providing useful reports for a very long time.  Now I want to use it for some hardware control, as I do with Raspberry Pi, and I'm struggling to find out how to do this.
In Raspbian on Raspberry Pi I use Gpiozero ( in Python.  How would I go about this on the H2+?
I had been using Armbian and sometimes Ubuntu, but I cannot seem to get Gpiozero to work in either of those.
I thought Raspbian might be the way to go (downloaded from, but I'm a bit concerned that 'h5' appears in those filenames. I did try the latest from that server, but it did not work on my H2+ (led stayed red, no o/p on the screen).
So I'm looking for some pointers, please.  Ideally Gpiozero, but that's not critical - using Python really is desirable, though.
Over to you, the experts.
Regards from the locked-down UK.


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