Still waiting for an order after eleven months

Hello. I'm getting in touch again because I am still waiting for a second la Frite I bought alongside with the Kickstarter campaign (Order #2566).
Tracking numer for my order is this one: . Looks like it never left Shenzhen.

My kickstarter order was a Large Meal with Curly Fries (Number 1588). After a year I have only got one La Frite with basic assortment of things; eMMC, Remote, charger... but that's it.

I payed more than a hundred bucks for this Kickstarter/second order package (I tought there was also a discount with that?) and I got 20 bucks worth of an uncomplete electronics suite.
Also I've wrote like six emails but none was answered.

Could you please help? Please. If you can not, please turn my money back.

Thank you,


  • @Dave_Luna David if you look at the other messages in order support and crowdfunding, you'll learn how big your chances are of actually getting your stuff.
    They are just a bunch of con artists.
    Actually I doubt if they even read this messages at all.
    Write off the money as a learning experience and be more careful next time. (at least that is the message I learned. I've been scammed here too, by false promises of refunding shipping costs for orders of additional accesories and promised android support).
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