HOWTO: update/flash/re-flash Le Potato V2 firmware from another Linux computer

edited June 2020 in AML-S905X-CC
This tutorial is for re-flashing Le Potato V2 SPI NOR should it be corrupted. This is not for Le Potato V1. It requires an USB Type A to Type A cable and another Linux-based host computer (another Le Potato will work). For simplicity, Debian will be assumed.

Install git, wget, Python 3, and its USB libraries on the host computer.
sudo apt-get install git wget python3 python3-usb
Clone Amlogic GXL git repo on the host computer.
git clone --single-branch --branch gxl
Connect a USB Type A to USB Type A cable to your computer. While holding down the u-boot button on Le Potato V2, connect the USB Type A cable from the computer to the top USB Type A port closest to the Ethernet port. Optionally connect HDMI monitor to Le Potato.
On host computer, start the flashing process.
pyamlboot/ aml-s905x-cc
If this reports an error, switch USB ports a few times and it should work. AMD machines seem to have USB controller issues and require more than one try. Check the HDMI monitor for flashing status. It should take no more than a minute. After it finishes flashing, reboot the device.


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