Testing Net Install with u-boot 2020.04 R3 for La Frite

edited June 2020 in AML-S805X-AC
We have added an improved EtherealOS back into our firmware. To update to the latest firmware, please see here. We recommend attaching an UART cable to monitor the console output in case the kernel does not support video output properly.
To run the Debian net install, press escape to interrupt autoboot and go to the U-Boot console.
Run the following:
env set bootargs runurl=http://share.loverpi.com/board/libre-computer-project/libre-computer-board/distro/debian/11/eosni.sh
run bootcmd_etherealos
This will cause a startup hook on EtherealOS to download the "runurl" script and execute it. The eosni.sh script is relatively simple. There is no security at this point but we will implement more security as we build the plumbing in the future.
curl -O "$LINUX"
curl -O "$INITRD"
kexec -l ${LINUX##*/} --initrd=${INITRD##*/}
kexec -e

Please note, since we do not have EFI runtime services component in the EFI system tables yet, Debian will not install a bootloader and the installation will not be bootable. This is merely for demonstration purposes. We are working on enabling EFI variables for R4.


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