Finally able to update my S905X board!!

I got my board, Emmc module, heatsink and Pi3 case off Amazon
Wasnt a fan of the stock firmware, ive had a tv box with this same firmware with the Iron man launcher and just never been a fan of the locked screens
So today i finally figured out how to get the firmware to load.

I only found 2 firmwares on this site for my board, i think the stock firmware Nougat, and Oreo

Now that i got em to update im going to try some others for this S905X chipset.

What i had to do was: Using the USB-A to USB-A that came with the emmc module, Hole the "Uboot" button on the board (still holding) plug in the usb to the TOP LEFT USB next to the LAN plug. While STILL HOLDING the uboot button, lug in the micro USB power then STILL HOLDING uboot button run the new firmware holding the uboot button during the whole processe till it turns green and says 100% complete

When i tried to power the board from my machine (asus laptop) my USB port on my laptop doesnt have the power to keep the board powered during the whole process it kept disconnecting the board and the burn tool kept giving an error

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