I found a working version of ATV 9 for the 905X

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So yesterday i was searching around and i landed on the freaktab forum and there was an 18 page thread on the Amlogic 905X, there was a file i downloaded that was ported or something from a Khadas VIM3L firmware by a guy named Superceleron i flashed it today and it worked, well some things did and some things didnt. The main thing that didnt work was the sound i got threw all the setup stages using a RJ45 cable plugged into the LAN port then downloaded a few things to try played Asphalt 8 which ran good i was shocked.

The Android 9 pie AVT file is called X96_Khadas_Vim_Pie_ATV.7z once installed the ID is VIM3L and it say built or modified or something by Superceleron. I flashed it just like the files found on this site, using the USBA-A cable, threw the USBtool to the emmc

I went to the Khadas site and downloaded a VIM1 file because i believe the VIM1 uses the same 905 chip but it didnt work. It must need to be modified or ported or something. IMO its a good start! i tried to install Antutu to get a benchmark with it but it wouldnt install i think its to secure to installe apps like Antutu. I was able to install file explorer, and 3D mark (but wouldnt run) Asphalt 8 and puffin.

Anyway like i said theres some hope yet! I get some screen caps


  • Here are a couple of screen caps, you cant really tell much, you can see my 905X board in the pi case under my tv with all the LEDs on

    Wish i cold of ran an Antutu benchmark, im really curious how well the ATV firmware is optimized for this board. It ran Asphalt 8 really good which suprised me because Asphalt 8 is pretty taxing on these boards imo, its been my experience if it runs that app well it will pretty much run about anything you can throw at it.
    When i ran Antutu on the Oreo firmware located in the 905X downloads section it got a 52K which isnt bad for an older chip like this. I need to compare the stock rom with the Oreo versioin. I kind alike the Oreo version by the way, it has the clean desktop with no icons, the little apps button in the center and everything is customizable. Its like an actual SBC android AOS really makes it seem like an authentic SBC

    Antutu ran on the Oreo firmware found on this site
  • SO here is the link to the thread where i found the ATV firmware for the S905X, it son page 2 post made by "sagert" he talks about taking the system partition from the superceleron VIM3L firmware and repacking it or something.

    Use at your own risk, im still a rookie at this stuff so if i can do it you can

    I searched "AML-905X-CC" on the freaktab site and this was one of the threads i found talking about the S905X chip and different firmware for it people were trying.
    IM about to try a Android Q firmware now posted on a different thread over there, ill report back how it turns out  :)
  • Here is another one i found on the Freaktab site searching firmware for S905X its called "Poison" rom its built off of android 7 but has a very ATV sort of look and feel to it. Sounds work and the LAN works so far is about all ive tested i ran a few benchmarks and played some games has the app store which is cool

    Here are some screen shots, alot of red, but hey its another working rom so it gives some more options to this board which is always a plus

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