Armbian on La Frite USB booting does not work

I've written multiple recent nightly images of Focal, Buster, Bionic, and when I try to boot them using a USB stick (because i don't have eMMC) they seem to have an issue with the boot.scr being invalid or corrupt or something. Flashing it in the .xz and extracted from the raw .img file changes nothing. Is there something I'm doing wrong?


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    Have you updated the firmware first via USB?
    I have the latest Armbian running on my La Frite, after installing the latest firmware. Installed via mass storage. I can't say it's the most stable though. I had it running the default buster image for around a year 24/7 no problems but since updating the firmware and moving to Armbian with the inclusion of pihole.. meh. It'll run for a few days. I haven't had the time to properly look into it yet. I suspect pihole might be the culprit.
    This has only been done about 2 weeks ago.
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