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Same as you, I thought that my board was dead on arrival.
Here are few steps to bring android up:

-- USB-C power supply
I'm using a xiaomi PD unit, capable of delivering 15V/3A (45W), connect to port C0 next to HDMI port.

-- Images
images are available from
I tried
I confirm it works.
Just use dd to write the image directly to your sd card.
Insert the sd card into the slot above the black button (reset?) and power up the unit.

-- Problem
no google store available in this android image!
I'm still trying to sideload open gapps ( but without success.
Also, I'm unable to boot android into recovery mode.

My 2 cents, hoping it will help some of you.
Please share your progresses.

power requirement:
at the bottom of
"WARNING:The board is powered by PD (15V/3A, 45W), please use it with a suitable power supply."


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