Type-C Power Adapter

Which Type-C power adapters are working for everyone?

I have tried a Lenovo 4X20M26252


This adapter is 45watt and supports PD.

With this adapter the machine will boot the Android image but the ethernet does not work.

With the Ubuntu image it takes 5+ mins with a black screen to boot up. Eventually you get a login prompt which is very sluggish and when you try to use the firefly/firefly username and password it will freeze for two mins and return back to the login prompt. Also the Nic does not appear to be working I have link light and my switch see's a 1gigabit link but I am not seeing a DHCP lease on my router.

I have also tried a 5v LG type-c adapter with the same results.

When creating the sdcard I have used DD with various settings and etcher all with the same results for both the Android and Ubuntu image.


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