how2 set boot video resolution

I am using HDMI (Samsung) with native resolution of 1366x768, which is unsuported.
I set this manually to 1024x768, which works fine, but only after boot.

How would I supply a boot parameter to set the video resolution to 1024x768 so that the boot messages don't look funny?

Thanks much!
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  • Check the latest images based on Linux 4.19. 1366x768 should be supported. Please let us know which image you have been using.

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    Alright, So I pulled this LG Display out of a Dell Laptop that has out lived it's usefulness. I originally wanted to hook a Potato to it, but no matter what .IMG I use "Armbian / Libre Computer" I always get the same result.


    This particular shot is Armbian, but the same exact thing happens using the .IMG's provided here. Anyone got any ideas?

    Display: LP156WH2
    Controller Board: Link
    The default resolution for the Display: 1366x768

    I tested, LibreElec/CoreElec and that works just fine.

    I have also experienced odd happenings using other boards on this display as well. For example, the Tritium H5 will work with it, but only if I boot the board with the display turned off and then power it on after a bit. Oh' and it has to boot into console mode first and then I can start X manually.


    SIDE NOTE: I know this board is unrelated to this forum, but the NanoPC T4 booting into Android also has no problems using this display. It's just using your friend and mine "Debian/Ubuntu" that things start to get wonky.

    EDIT: 032019
    Well the console mode sorted it's self out on it's own, although not at a resolution I'd prefer and with xrandr I can set X to something usable, but not to the default display resolution.

    Be nice to know why everything goes to $hit using: 1366x768

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