Allwinner Tritium H3 Board car pc

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Hi everyone.

Hopefully by the time you all log in and get on you will already have plans for your board from Libre Computer.

I and my friend Nathan hope to upgrade our car info/entertainment by installing this as a car PC.
Nathan is currently using a phone in a very tight space in his GM Zafira GSi Turbo. I myself am using a Rochchip 3188 based system running Linux with a launcher.

Now as mines pretty much the base of the system we will be upgradcing my system to the H3 and then adding more and more peripherals as we go.
So far I already have Touchscreen for Linux working fine and for a few months now have been bench testing nougat 7 OS with a USB micro to ribbon adaptor for touchscreen and its working as good as any tablet.

As for GPS well that was simple too with a usb GPS dongle and a gps launcher app to set the baud rate and other settings. Very simple

So what next...

Well next I would like to add steering controls
A microphone which the H3 Tritium already has onboard so the plan is to desolder and extend this with a different Microphone and mount that in the A pillar

Wifi and Bluetooth will have to be USB so the plan is to use a 4x usb hub with the external power. Most likely a resolder to the 12v to 5v 2a invertor chip for power and the data TX and RX will go back to the H3 like I already have it on my current setup.


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